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HPC Booster Series – Boosting Pressure – 15 Bar min to 40 Bar max

Hertz HPC Booster Series – Boosting Pressure from an inlet pressure of 5, 7 and 13 bar to an outlet Pressure of 15 Bar minimum to 40 Bar Maximum.

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Features & Benefits

HPC – BOOSTER 10 / 15 / 20 / 25 / 30 / 40


Compressed air is a pneumatic energy source which is as important as electricity and hydraulics in production sector. Especially for the production of the pet bottles which the usage of them is getting higher and higher in daily life, high pressure is a must. Besides, the applications such as leak proofing tests of hydraulic and pneumatic devices, specific drive cylinders, presses and fixture apparatus also need high pressure air. Unlike other applications requiring only low pressure air, both low and high pressure levels of air up to 40 bars ought to be used in the facilities for these applications. Therefore, instead of designing whole system considering the high pressure need, increasing the air pressure just at the certain points where high pressure is needed is the most suitable solution.

As a manufacturer having reciprocating booster compressors in its product portfolio which boost the 7-13 bar compressed air taken from rotary screw compressors up to 40 bars, HERTZ provides the most appropriate solutions with its years of experience and quality policy to pet manufacturers and the enterprises which have to use high pressure air.


  • Heavy duty cast-iron crankcase with oil level indicator, blowdown valve and oil filling/draining plug
  • Cast-iron cylinders and bare pumps with cooling fins
  • Sphero cast crankshaft and counter weight in accordance with Lloyd type-approval certification
  • High capacity and high pressure-resistant inlet-outlet valves made from stainless steel
  • Compression and oil retaining rings


  • High efficiency 400V/3 phase/50Hz IE2 class IP55 electric motor
  • Drive system with belt-pulley mechanism
  • Belt with the working life of minimum 25,000 hours
  • Special design fan-type cast-iron pulley
  • Easy adjustment of belt tension
  • Special loadless operation system


  • Intake air control system
  • High pressure switch
  • Manual discharge valve
  • Non-return valve
  • Belt-pulley guard
  • Outlet pressure manometer


  • Automatic discharge system for loadless start
  • Long-lifetime bearings
  • Air-cooled aftercooler
  • Air intake filter and silencer for loadless operation
  • Oil splash Lubrication system
  • Oil level indicator
  • Special discharge system preventing oil leakage from blowdown valve


  • High pressure air dryer
  • CE certified air receiver made from P265GH pressure vessel steel
  • Air filtration system with oil trap
  • Oil option for food production


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Technical Data

Technical Data
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