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Unit 13 Peel Mills Industrial Estate, Chamberhall Street,

BL9 OLU Bury Manchester


Why Choose Us?


With over 47 years of working in the compressed air industry we have a good background in helping you with your requirements.


We have a wide selection of compressors, equipment and spares all very reliable and competitively priced


With our Hertz Kompressoren technical team and expanding distributor network, we ensure that our customers have 24/7 support.

With more than 47 combined years of experience in the air compressor sector, we are uniquely placed to meet the needs of UK & Ireland clients by providing our cutting edge industrial air compressors, portable/mobile compressors, inverter/variable compressor, marine compressors, refrigerant dryers, inline filters and spare parts.

At Hertz, our dedicated team are specialists in their field offer a first-class sales and aftercare service, enabling us to build an unrivalled reputation in the UK air compressor market. With the full range of Hertz Kompressoren high-quality products at our fingertips, we can also serve the network of UK & Ireland resellers and distributors


Meet Us


Graeme Middleton-Duff

Managing Director

Meltem Middleton-Duff

UK Director