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Packaging Compressors


Packaging Industry uses Compressed air in Cleaning Food Containers, Pneumatic Packing Systems, Conveyor Belt Systems and Robotic Handling.
Window Frame Compressors

Window Frame Manufacturers

Window / Door Manufacturers using Compressed Air for Air Rollers, Cutting Systems, Grinders, Air Tools.
Garage Compressors


Garages use Compressed Air for Air Tools, Grinders, Wrenches, Blow Guns, Tyre Inflation, Air Jacks, Spay booths, Breathing Air and Cleaning of Parts.
Agricultural compressor

Agriculture / Farming Industry

Agricultural / Farming Industry using Compressed Air for Crop Spraying, Product Conveyors, Dairy Machines, Pneumatic Handling Systems and Tyre Inflation and Air Tools.
Food Industry Compressors

Food Industry

Food Industry Compressed air is used for Cleaning Containers before being filled, Cutting / Shaping of food Products, Blow Off and Conveyor Belt Systems.
Engineering Compressors


Engineering Industry – A wide use of Compressed Air in CNC Machining, Conveyors, Air Tools, Air Slides, Automatic Doors, Pneumatic Washers, Cleaning, Presses, Laser Cutting etc.

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About Us

With more than 47 years of experience in the air compressor sector, we are uniquely placed to meet the needs of UK & Ireland clients by providing our cutting edge industrial rotary screw air compressors, portable/mobile screw compressors, inverter/variable speed rotary screw compressor , marine piston compressors, refrigerant dryers, inline filters and spare parts.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose the right size of compressor?

Always choose a compressor with a bit more than you need. The most important factor is the volume of air that you will be using and at what pressure FAD CFM. Please read our guide here or give us a call. Work out the CFM (FAD) figure your most powerful tool needs to operate and then choose a compressor will at least that rating.

What is oil carry over?

There will always be a certain amount of oil carry over from a compressor. When the compressor it is running hot or is being over worked, oil carry over is made worst. The hot oil fumes and then condenses in the hose and in the tools. The affect can be reduced by running the compressor as cool as possible, making sure there are no leaks and that the outlet pressure regulator on the compressor is set as low as possible. Ensure there there is plenty of ventilation. You can place a cooling fan near the unit it in hot weather. A coalescing filter can also be used to reduce oil and condensate.

What is a good Air Receiver size?

The Air Receiver size you will use will depend on the amount of air that you need stored. A benefit to a larger Air Receiver, for air compressors is that the motor will not start and stop as often as a smaller Air Receiver. However, if you do not believe that you will use a good amount of air, it may be smarter and cheaper to use a smaller Air Receiver.


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Hertz Spare Parts Service and Technical help, is reliable, fast and had no problems in getting information to my customers.

Compressor supplier @ Lincolnshire

We have had our Hertz HSC 30B Screw Compressor now for 2 years with trouble free operation and are very pleased with its performance.

Powder Coating Company @ Manchester

A Good Quality range of Compressors and equipment with fast attentive help from Hertz personnel. A Good Company to work with.

Compressor Sales/Service Centre @ Manchester

We installed 4 x Hertz Frecon Variable Speed Compressors in our factory, the electrical savings per month were tremendous.

Food Manufacturer @ Dumfries – Scotland

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